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Friends Only

If you feel the need to add me to your friends list, leave a message so i know that you added me, other than that if you dont leave a message you wont be added so dont add me! Leave a message after the beep!



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Hey, I'm in a band from Orlando, FL called 'It Rains For Caleb', since i think you might be into that kinda music, you should check us out, that would rule!


we also have an LJ community that you can join if you like our stuff: www.livejournal.com/community/itrainsforcaleb
im bored too! whats up?
i'm bored...make my life interesting.
You added me to your journal, and I'm not sure why.
Hey, you added my other username "Deadinhollywood" to your friends list. As of now, I'm not really using that one as much as I'm using this one [itsbittersweet]So if you're still interested in reading about my boring life add this name. ;D

let's friend eachother :)
i added you. why, you might ask?? Well, because, as you know, you're creative and intelligent. And also because I remember being 16 and not so straight.

:) rock on,
You're my friend.....or Um..I'm your friend....

Remember me?
I just had an orgasm looking at your icon. I saw Static-X two months ago, and needless to say I spermed myself. Too bad I have a vagina...well anyways...Wayen, Tripp and even Tony made me drool. Huzzah, I added you, add me why don't you?
BEEP........................ lol.... Long or not your still human.....shit I have 2 LJs cut to cover my lil life....


Screened comment

its all good...

Screened comment


13 years ago

Adding you ;D
uh i found your livejournal seems cool though i'm not sure... add me, dont add me. do whatever you want... i guess. ACK.
Brittney it's me Joel.. Heh, as if you didnt know that..lol.. I didnt know how else to get ahold of you, so I figured I'd just leave you a message here..
I've recently realized my Karma is fucked up, I've done somthing wronge with myself and I'm ready to fix it. My first step is to appologize for all my wronge doings, and one of my biggest ones was hurting you.. It was wronge, and I had no right to do it. I said things that I felt in the moment with a feeling of anger, and never realized you would read it.. I was not speaking behind your back, just speaking my mind.
In life there hasnt been many things I've wanted but happiness has always been one of them, and happiness just seems to be the one thing I can't find.. I've never been able to ;/ and in honesty I really am happy you've found happiness and with Laurenn, who is a wonderful girl, and maybe I'm just jealous, to see you feel that way, you have no idea what it's like to see that, and realize that you may never have that feeling..
So in conclusion I'm just trying to say I'm sorry for everything I've done to you... And I just wish to take them back.. If I've caused you pain I know I can never make up for it, but I am sorry <33 I'm not asking for you to accept me back as a friend, Im not asking anything from you but for you to truly understand that I am really sorry.
hey... addd me... im curious
Don't know if you will see this. I just wanted to say it was nice getting to know you. You go out and take care of yourself, do your thing, and always stay proud. You rock mighty!

thank you so much. Good Luck with everything!!!! <3<3<3<3
I doubt you remember me. We both went to RRHS and Under 21 for a while. Add?
I do remember you. Though i cant place your name. I visited your journal a couple of times. Ill add you :)
There once was a Birl named Dusti.

Who's hinting skills were kind of rusty.

So she finally said "Look dork, add this LJ'er called Bled!"

And I clicked on "Add Friend" putting you in the group called "Not Crusty"
awww hm...Dusti eh?


One of my best friends back in Californ-e-i-a.

And now I moved here to the Querque (or the Burque depending on who you ask).

Savages, I tell ya, All of us.


10 years ago

I found you off of the school search thinger! I'm in 9th grade, and I go to the Rio Rancho Mid High. Next year I'll be at the high school.

You seem pretty cool, so uh.. I'm adding you now...